Should a Person Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer in Gig Harbor?

by | Nov 28, 2016 | Attorneys

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If a person has been injured in a traffic accident, it is important to seek out legal advice from a reputable Auto Accident Lawyer in Gig Harbor. A person who is injured in an auto accident deserves compensation. Following these tips should help the average person get the compensation they deserve without being deceived.

As most people already know, the steps associated with an auto injury case relies on three things: where the accident occurred, have had a car accident, who is to blame for causing the wreck, and what kind of injuries were sustained. In order to collect their compensation, a person must have convinced the judge that these points warrant compensation. The easiest point of the three involves proving there was an accident. In fact, the efforts aimed to prove the guilt of the opposite party should be easy. In this sense, it is vital to have the means to record what happened right after an accident occurs.

If the injuries are not too severe, the drivers and passengers of both vehicles can write out what happened and both sign it. The best way, however, to determine what happened during an accident is to call the local authorities. Drivers should also take photos of the wreck and exchange insurance information with each other. The one thing a person should never do is leave the scene before speaking with the peace officer and their attorney.

Trying to prove the existence of injuries caused by an auto accident is a must. This is why an auto accident lawyer in Gig Harbor may suggest their client seek medical care within 48 hours of the wreck. Even though some injuries are not seen for days or weeks after a wreck, visiting a hospital will determine if the person has life-threatening injuries. This step is crucial because it allows all parties involved to determine the extent of the crash. If anything, drivers and passengers should jot down everything that hurts over the course of a couple weeks following the accident.

Do not let an insurance company determine your care. Many insurance companies will offer a settlement as quickly as possible -; do not accept it! Follow the advice given by a local attorney and go from there. Contact Anthony C Otto for more details.

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