How to Acquire a Jail Bond in Atlanta, Georgia

by | Feb 25, 2016 | Legal Services

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When people find themselves incarcerated, one of the first things they usually think about is how to get out of jail as quickly as possible. Whether it’s a minor or a major crime, a person will appear before a judge where bail is set. In some cases, if the crime is significant enough, a person may be denied bail. However, in many instances, a judge will determine bail as a dollar amount for the person to be released from jail until that person goes to trial. There are many ways a person can make bail, including paying out of their own money. However, a common method is to turn to a provider of a Jail Bond in Atlanta in order to be released.

Posting cash to meet bail is a type of bond, but it is the less common option. The most common bond is a surety bond. This is where a cosigner, such as a family member or friend, will be required to enter into a contractual agreement that they are financially responsible for the person that is incarcerated. They are responsible for putting up collateral in return for a Jail Bond in Atlanta. The collateral can be something owned by the person getting the bond, or by the person that has been arrested.

This collateral, which can be anything of value, is necessary to ensure that the person shows up to court on their trial date. A jail bond provided by a bondsman will pay the courts the bail necessary to have the person released. Should the person show up at trial, the bail is then returned to the bondsman, the property is returned to the cosigner and with the exception of the various fees and interest charged by the bondsman, the financial transaction is complete. Should the person not show up for court on their trial date, a warrant for their arrest will be issued and the bondsman will take possession of the collateral posted for the bail in order to recoup their costs.

Getting out of jail after being charged with a crime is something that most people want. Jail isn’t a fun place to be in and it’s difficult to mount a proper defense when a person is incarcerated. That’s why you may want to Contact Free At Last Bail Bonds to learn more about the jail bond process.

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