What Do Business Litigation Lawyers Do?

by | Feb 25, 2016 | Lawyers

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Business litigation lawyers in Chicago represent the interests of business and corporate clients who find themselves involved in litigation. In legal circles the term “litigation” is used when there is a dispute between parties, the dispute can be the enforcement of a legal right or the defense of such. In many cases, although not all, litigation is settled when the parties come to agreement in the presence of a judge. In the case of a business this action can be anything from addressing a lawsuit brought by an employee that was discharged to a breach of contract between the company and a supplier. Business litigation lawyers are often aligned with a respected law firm and are engaged when needed by a company; larger corporations often have in-house counsel. It is only the largest corporations that have counsel on staff; the majority of companies do not find themselves involved in contentious issues often enough to warrant the expense.

Litigators represent clients that are named as the defendant in a lawsuit or clients that wish to sue. The litigator is responsible for filing the initial suit or responding in the event his or her client is being sued. To file a suit, the litigator must prepare a brief which explains in detail the facts and the circumstances. The brief must state the law that supports the client’s right to recovery and state case law and/or precedent that show the court why it should consider recovery to be the appropriate action.

A perfect example of what business litigation lawyers in Chicago do is suing for breach of contract. The lawyer, in the brief, will explain the facts of the contract; those involved in writing it in the first place as well as the breach. The brief would include the area of contract law that proves the breach; to support this contention the lawyer would cite historic examples of case law that reinforces the contention that the action was indeed a breach.

In many cases the suit never reaches court: it is settled outside of court during the pretrial stage. The business litigation lawyers in Chicago negotiate a settlement that includes an agreement that one party pays money to the other party in the action. If the case cannot be settled out of court the litigation lawyers will take the case to court, arguing the client’s points to the judge and jury.

Business litigation lawyers in Chicago are legal professionals that are called upon when there is a dispute involving a business entity. You are invited to discuss your particular situation with the lawyers at Business Litigation Attorney Chicago.

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