How to Get Through the VA Claims Process

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Attorneys

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The process of getting veterans’ benefits is a frustrating, complicated, and long one. Although it’s impossible to control how the VA adjudicates these claims or how long a case takes, veterans benefits attorneys Pennsylvania will suggest certain steps to alleviate the stress of the claims process.

Understand the Claims and Appeals Processes

The more you know about how the VA’s processes work, the more in control you are. Knowing when to take action or what your next steps should be will make the entire process less frustrating. Learning the Veterans’ Administration’s rules on effective dates will help you identify errors that happened during adjudication.

Keep the VA Up to Date

Be sure that the VA has your updated contact information. The Administration will send case correspondence to the address it has on file; if it’s incorrect, you run the risk of your claim being put off or even closed because of missed deadlines. Update the VA with changes in dependency status, as failure to do so may result in an under- or overpayment of benefits.

Be Upfront With Your Doctor

When visiting your doctor, it’s important to honestly and accurately report your limitations and symptoms. Do not downplay anything, but don’t exaggerate, either. Providing a complete picture of your condition will help you ensure that it’s properly documented, which the VA will consider when assessing your claim.

Submit Related Evidence

A veteran or a survivor may have to submit evidence supporting the type of benefits they’re requesting. All VA claims require some type of service record or medical evidence, but some claims require specific documentation. For help with a PTSD, total disability, or dependency claim, call local veterans benefits attorneys Pennsylvania today.

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