Know Your Rights: What to Do When Your Vehicle Turns Out to Be a Lemon

by | Feb 3, 2020 | Lawyers

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You’ve just bought a new or slightly used vehicle to get to work, take your children to their activities, and spend time with friends and family. Unfortunately, your new vehicle is acting up, and you try to work with the dealership to have the problem corrected. If your attempts to get the vehicle in running order aren’t working, you may have a claim under California lemon laws.

What Types of Vehicles are Covered Under California Lemon Laws?

Many people believe that lemon laws only apply to used vehicles, but in California, these laws cover new vehicles and used vehicles that are still covered by the warranty. This includes SUVs, trucks and cars. Some RVs are also covered, as well as leased vehicles and certain vehicles used for business purposes.

What Steps Should Consumers Take?

If the claim under the lemon law in California is valid, the manufacturer can either provide the consumer with a comparable replacement vehicle or refund all monies invested in the lemon vehicle. Consumers should work with the dealership and manufacturer. The manufacturer must be informed of the issues with the vehicle, and the cost of repairs should be covered by the warranty if the defect is covered.

What is a Lemon Vehicle in California?

Each state outlines what defines a vehicle that is covered by the lemon laws. The laws explain how many times the problem has been repaired, how long the vehicle spent in the mechanic’s shop, and other criteria

Learn More About the Lemon Laws in California

Lemon Law America specializes in protecting California consumers and businesses under the lemon laws. Call us today to discuss your case with one of our attorneys, or visit our website.

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