Why You May Need the Assistance of an Auto Accident Attorney in Lacey, WA

by | Aug 3, 2018 | Accident Lawyer

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Anytime a person gets into an automobile accident and is injured, a lot of factors will come into play concerning what happens next. In the State of Washington, the injured driver can file a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver, but it must be proven that the other driver is at fault. An auto accident attorney in Lacey, WA understands the complex manner of auto accident lawsuits and will help clients recover damages. Here are some things that injured clients need to understand about auto accident lawsuits in Washington.

Auto Accidents Lawsuits in Washington

The first thing to remember after an automobile accident is to ensure that no one is severely injured or dead and get an assessment of all that happened. If the injured party wants to have a better chance at recovery, it would be wise to get pictures of everything and keep a diary of all that transpires. It is essential to file a police report with the law enforcement authority in charge of that area unless there is an officer present at the accident scene to file the report.

More on Auto Accidents Lawsuits in Washington

When it comes to being awarded damages, Washington applies a rule known as comparative negligence, which means that the percentage a party is found at fault will be applied to damages awarded to the injured party. In other words, if the injured party is found to be thirty percent at fault for the accident, thirty percent will be deducted from any damages awarded to the injured party. In order to prevent this from happening, the injured party needs a competent attorney with experience in litigating auto accident cases.

An Attorney to Help with an Auto Accident Case in Washington

When an injured party is looking for an attorney in the Lacey, Washington area to help with an auto accident lawsuit, there will be a list in the Yellow Pages. Putnam, Lieb & Potvin are attorneys in the Lacey, Washington area, and they help clients with automobile accident cases and other personal injury lawsuits. If a person is in need of an auto accident attorney in Lacey, WA, these attorneys are available. Schedule an appointment at website

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