One Main Reason to Consult a Chicago Family Law Firm

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Lawyers

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Thousands of people in Illinois go through divorces, and many look at it as a permanent parting of ways or severing of communication. Yet, for couples with children, that is not usually the case. Instead, you must remain in contact to discuss all aspects of the child or children’s lives. However, life after divorces does not mean that everything is the same except for the fact that one parent no longer lives in the family home. Often, it means that one parent has sole custody, and this is when a Chicago family law firm is important.

Reasons It Happens

Why? Typically, the parent who has custody is making just as many major changes in their life because they now have a larger financial responsibility to carry, as well as meeting the daily needs of a child. Sometimes, it means taking a job in another state, relocating closer to the family for help with childcare, or even re-marrying and moving away. In all of these instances, though, Illinois law must be upheld, and that is why a Chicago family law firm becomes crucial.

Understanding Removal

State law has a term for a custodial parent seeking to relocate outside of Illinois; the term used is “removal“. It is actually fairly common, but it is not simple or uncomplicated. It requires the parent to notify the state of the intended move and obtain permission. The non-custodial parent may have a say in the matter, and there are several key factors used by the courts to determine whether permission for removal is granted.

What to Do?

As you might guess, whether or not you have custody, you have much to know and do in order for a relocation to be approved and also be a good choice for any children involved. After all, a court will frown upon a request for a removal if it makes it impossible for the non-custodial parent to see the children involved or if the move is actually detrimental (such as a lack of quality educational resources, social opportunities, and so on).

Taking the Next Steps

How do you know what is best when considering a removal after a divorce? That is a very complex matter, and it has just as complex legal ramifications. Rather than going into it without any planning, honest and productive discussions and emphasizing a child’s needs, begin the process with legal advice. As a reputable Chicago family law firm, we can help. Give us a call at 312-621-1230.

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