Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys in Southern Maryland Help When an Accident Victim Develops a Serious Mental Illness

by | Dec 26, 2017 | Attorneys

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After a vehicle accident or other harmful incident caused by another person’s negligence, many people wait to consult with a personal injury attorney because they don’t believe the situation is serious enough to file a lawsuit. Even if someone suffered a concussion or another type of head injury, recovery may appear to be rapid and complete. Unfortunately, more serious symptoms may appear later on. Traumatic brain injury attorneys in Southern Maryland provide free consultations to people wondering how to proceed.

The Statute of Limitations

People must file a claim or suit against a responsible party in a personal injury case within three years, according to Maryland statutes of limitations. It can be extremely difficult for medical professionals to connect the onset of Parkinson’s disease or dementia with an accident that happened decades previously. But what if brain-related symptoms occur much sooner?
Schizophrenia and Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury attorneys in Southern Maryland provide legal representation when it appears that these symptoms may indeed be associated with the accident. For instance, a person with no history of mental illness who is diagnosed with schizophrenia within three years after a serious brain injury may have a case against the person or business responsible for the accident.

Even if there is some family history of the disease, not everyone who has this added risk will develop schizophrenia. A study published in 2011 found that people who experienced a traumatic brain injury are significantly more likely to develop schizophrenia than those who have not.

The Connection with Serious Mental Illness

Previous research had already indicated that this type of injury is a significant risk factor for future substance abuse as well as the development of clinical depression and generalized anxiety disorder. The research had found that up to nine percent of people who suffered a traumatic brain injury later developed a serious mental illness. When an individual or the family members realize that symptoms for mental illness are developing after an accident causing a brain injury, they may want legal help. They can receive this assistance from an organization such as Business name. Check out website domain today.

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