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Reasons Why High Settlements Sometimes Are Obtained by a Trucking Accidents Lawyer in Muskegon MI

Collisions between semi trucks and passenger vehicles are some of the deadliest accidents. People in the passenger vehicle are significantly more likely to experience serious, life-threatening injuries than is generally the case in a collision between two vehicles of the same size. A Trucking Accidents Lawyer in Muskegon MI helps clients obtain the financial compensation they deserve to cover a broad range of aspects. The compensation is likely to cover much more than immediate medical expenses and lost income while the person is unable to work. The insurer may offer payment for those factors and want to make that amount the full settlement, but this usually is unreasonable in a trucking accident case. Having a licensed attorney providing legal representation is essential for acquiring the money the person deserves.

Some of the factors for which a is may include in the compensation demand are considered intangible, unlike medical bills and lost wages. For example, both physical and emotional pain and suffering are in this category. These aspects detract from a person’s quality of life. If medical doctors and psychotherapists verify that this pain will likely continue far into the future, compensation should cover that factor as well. Negative personality changes, depression, anxiety and cognitive impairment may be included in the settlement demand. In addition, all these factors can undermine the person’s relationship with a spouse or domestic partner, as well as children, close relatives and family members.

Tangible aspects aside from medical bill payment and wage replacement may include skilled nursing care and current and future physical or occupational therapy. The insurer should provide compensation for scarring or other noticeable and permanent damage to the person’s physical body. Plastic surgery to resolve scarring may be paid for by the insurer. Prosthetic devices for someone who suffered an amputation also should be covered.

These are all reasons why a settlement negotiated by a firm such as to may seem extraordinarily high to people who hear about it. The injured person and those close to this person, however, know that the money can never make up for all that has been lost.