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What to Expect When Getting Help From a Bail Bondsman

When someone is arrested and processed into a jail there is a series of actions that take place. Soon after being fingerprinted and photographed for a mug shot, there is an appearance before the judge for an arraignment. It is at that time that the accused pleads guilty or not guilty, a court date is set, and bail or bond may be set. If a bond has been set for the accused, then he or she must come up with the money to be released from custody until the date when the accused is set to appear in court for the crime.

There are companies which offer Bail Bonds in Atlanta. They will pay the bond amount for the accused for a fee. Depending on the amount of the bond, the bondsman may collect twelve to fifteen percent of the total, which is non-refundable. In some cases, the accused will have to have some type of collateral for the bondsman to hold to assure that the person will follow all rules of the bond. The money and any collateral will be returned, minus the fee, once the business with the accused has been settled with the court.

If the accused doesn’t have the money or collateral to pay the bondsman, a co-signer will be necessary. The co-signer guarantees the bond company that the accused will show up on time for court, and also promises to be responsible for the total amount of money posted by the bondsman should the accused not follow the rules of the bond. It is important for the co-signer to be in constant contact with the accused and makes sure that he or she shows up for court on the assigned date.

The accused cannot be released from custody until the bond has been accepted and posted. Even after that has taken place, it can still take a while to be released. Jails are busy places and everything runs in an orderly manner, so sometimes it may be necessary to wait in turn. Just visit website to find out more about an Atlanta bail bonds company which will work swiftly to have those arrested, released in a timely manner. The sooner the accused gets in touch with a bail bondsman, the sooner he or she can be released to get back to home and work, as well as prepare for court and await the trial date.