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Reviewing The Outcome With Motorcycle Accident Attorneys In Dayton, OH

In Ohio, motorcycle accidents lead to more serious injuries for the rider. While motorcycles are a fun way to travel, they don’t provide much protection for the rider. During an accident, the only means of protection they have are helmets and protective gear. The impact of an accident could lead to permanent injuries or conditions. Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Dayton OH provide legal representation for victims of these accidents.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are possible based on the impact of the accident. A rider could wear his or her helmet and still sustain a traumatic brain injury. The speed at which the automobile is traveling defines the potential for these injuries. A traumatic brain injury could require the victim to be admitted into a long-term care facility.

The Loss of Limb or Function

The loss of limb or function present even further issues for the rider. These losses could require more extensive care and a major change in their lifestyle. They may need ongoing treatment or therapy due to this condition. It could also reduce the victim’s chances of returning to work and supporting themselves financially.

Comparative Fault Rulings

Comparative fault rulings apply only if the motorcycle rider committed a moving violation and played a role in causing the accident. The most common violation associated with motorcycles is land splitting. The motorcycle is less visible if they aren’t traveling where auto drivers can see them. If the rider is also at fault, the judge reduces their award based on the percentage applied.

Wrongful Death Litigation

If the rider dies, their family may choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit. The case is viable if the fatality could have been avoided. If the at-fault driver was guilty of a DUI, the family could file based on this failure to follow the law.

In Ohio, motorcycle accidents could produce a variety of injuries. The injuries could result in a permanent condition or disability. The circumstances of the accident could also lead to a wrongful death lawsuit if the victim dies. Victims who need to speak to Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Dayton OH can click here for more information now.