Starting A Dog Bite Case With A Personal Injury Lawyer In Silverdale

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Personal Injury Lawyer

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In Washington, dog attacks are often the result of violations of city ordinances and a failure to maintain control over pets. The events are not breed-specific and could occur at any time. A personal injury lawyer in Silverdale offers assistance for victims who want to start a claim after a dog attack.

Locate Dog and Review the Event

The animal control officer locates the dog after a report is filed by the victim. All dog attacks require an investigation to determine what happened and if the victim committed a crime. According to state laws, if the victim was trespassing, broke into the home, or is guilty of animal cruelty, he or she is not eligible for compensation.

Was the Dog Vaccinated?

State laws require all pet owners to have their dogs vaccinated for the rabies virus. State laws do not apply to other vaccinations although they are beneficial to the dog’s health. If it is determined that the dog wasn’t vaccinated, the pet owner must surrender the dog to a licensed vet for a quarantine period. The quarantine lasts up to 12 days which is the incubation period for the rabies virus. The findings are reported to the animal control officer, and the officer determines the fate of the animal.

Are the Victim’s Injuries Life-Threatening?

If the victim’s injuries are life-threatening, it is probable to believe that the animal control officer will deem the dog a danger to the public. However, if the dog was the victim of animal cruelty, the officer may take a more lenient approach when making a final decision.

When Do Strict Liabilities Apply?

Strict liabilities apply when a pet owner was aware of previous attacks and failed to mitigate future risks. Under state laws, when strict liabilities apply, the pet owner must provide full payment for all medical expenses and some tort-based awards for pain and suffering.

In Washington, dog attacks result from dog roaming free in neighbors, territorial behaviors, and as a response to abuse. When reviewing a dog attack case, it is paramount to review all probabilities that could dismiss the case. Victims of dog attacks Contact us to speak to a personal injury lawyer in Silverdale right now.

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