Stay-at-Home Moms Need the Help of Divorce Attorneys in Tacoma

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Lawyers

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Gender biases have historically benefited women in a variety of ways. Women were once perceived to need a greater measure of financial support during a divorce, and courts typically gave preference to mothers over fathers in custody disputes. However, times have changed, particularly for stay-at-home mothers. Unless the children are very young, motherhood isn’t a reason to remain out of work.

The Marital Home

Stay-at-home mothers are often able to persuade courts to grant them ownership of and residence in the family home because the at-home parent spends more effort and time in making the house a home. The courts are reluctant to take kids out of their homes, and at-home parents naturally spend more time there. Therefore, divorce lawyers in Tacoma would have a strong argument for allowing their client to remain in the family home and to retain custody.

Detrimental Reliance and Parental Sacrifices

Stay-at-home mothers are often eligible for a greater share of marital assets, as well as spousal support, in return the sacrifices they’ve made to care for the children and advance the breadwinner’s career. The courts do not wish to discourage mothers from being stay-at-home parents, nor do they want to see single mothers getting welfare while the father lives well. In the eyes of the law, stay-at-home moms engage in detrimental reliance when they believe their husbands will take care of them for life.

Rehabilitative Spousal Support

If a woman is young, the judge may order temporary alimony after a divorce. Some places call it short-term support or rehabilitative alimony in that it provides the at-home parent with a temporary income that allows them to go back to school or develop job skills. If a woman has job skills but has stayed out of the workforce to further her husband’s career, temporary support gives her enough time to find a job in her field of study.

Getting Legal Help

Divorce can be tough for anyone, but it is especially hard for stay-at-home mothers. When an unemployed mother is faced with the prospect of losing her sole source of financial support, she can consult divorce attorneys in Tacoma. A lawyer with website knows about the state’s divorce laws and can work within them to help the client achieve an equitable settlement.

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