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Three Things That You Should Do If You’re Ever in a Car Accident in Tampa

If you happen to get into an automobile accident with another vehicle while driving through the streets of Tampa, FL, you’ll want to do some important things in the immediate aftermath to protect your best interests. In addition to hiring an accident lawyer in Tampa to represent you, here are three things that you should do if you’re ever in a car accident.

Don’t Admit Fault

Even if you think that the accident was your fault, you should still refrain from admitting fault to the other driver or any police or paramedics who might be called to the scene. As All About CarAccidents explains, it’s best to not apologize to the other driver or answer any questions that the driver might ask to try to put the blame on you. The other driver may actually be responsible for at least part of the accident, and admitting fault right away could jeopardize your chances of getting a fair insurance settlement or judgment in court.

Get the Other Driver’s Information

It’s important to get the name, license plate number and insurance information of the other driver who was involved in the accident. You should also ask for the driver’s phone number and email address so that your insurance company will have an easier time contacting him or her to get a statement. If the driver gives you a cell phone number, you can verify its authenticity by calling it from your phone while at the scene.

Take Pictures of the Damage

The pictures that you take of your car and the other driver’s vehicle can be used as evidence when submitting claims to insurance companies or in a court of law. Most mobile phones take excellent pictures nowadays, but you might also consider carrying an extra camera in your vehicle if your phone isn’t able to capture the clearest images. You can also try video recording the damages to submit as evidence.

Doing these three things can help you get a better outcome when trying to resolve your accident. Your automobile accident lawyer in Tampa can provide additional information to help you with your claim.