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Traffic Violations Lawyers in Mankato Minnesota: Why You Need Their Help

Traffic offenses may seem simple, but they can have serious consequences. All drivers should understand what can happen if they are found guilty of a traffic violation. Many fail to seek out the assistance of traffic violations lawyers in Mankato, MN because they underestimate how disruptive the fines or other punishments could be.

Drivers Who Speed

One of the most common traffic violations is when people exceed the posted speed limit. People that drive 15 MPH over the speed limit can expect a fine of $145. Go 5 MPH faster (20 MPH over the limit) and the fine doubles. Reach the speed of 100 MPH, and the driver will have a fine and six months without a license.

It may seem impossible to reach speeds of 100 MPH or more, but consider that the posted limit on rural interstate highways currently stands at 70 MPH. Traffic violations lawyers in Mankato, MN often have clients that report that in a comfortable vehicle with the radio on and few other drivers, it was very easy to lose track of their speed.

Violations Can Accumulate

The traffic stop for speeding allows the officer to take a closer look at everything. Seatbelts, child safety seats, and many other details will come under scrutiny. Failure to have a driver’s license on hand could cost $100, even in legally licensed drivers. People that put off renewing an expired license or forget to do so, would now owe the state an extra $200. If the auto insurance is not valid, the fine for that one charge can reach $1,000 and include a 90-day stay in jail.

Driver Considered Unsafe

Excessive speed may also lead to a reckless driving charge. Reckless driving is a criminal offense that can leave people with a criminal record and make it difficult or impossible to continue to find auto insurance. Reckless driving has a fine that totals about $300, but the punishment can become much more severe if an accident took place. Drivers found guilty of reckless driving that led to bodily injuries are also at risk of civil lawsuits.

Simple traffic stops always have the potential to become a financial and personal concern. Repeat offenders or those suspected of intoxication can expect even more severe problems. Visit to learn more and to get legal help.

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