When You Might Need a Lawyer in Shelby County, OH

by | Apr 26, 2019 | Lawyers

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There are many times in the life of a person when they might need a lawyer to handle some business, such as for a crime committed, a personal injury, or a family law issue. Whenever and whatever the situation may be, the person will want to know there is a lawyer who can be counted on for legal assistance during such times. A lawyer in Shelby County, OH offers legal aid to people in many areas of the law and wants them to know what to expect. Here is a look at some of the areas of legal help a person may need.

Various Areas of Legal Assistance

When it comes to drunk driving charges, the person will need an attorney for criminal defense so they can fight to make the penalty less severe for them. If the person is not a repeat offender, it is quite possible to have an easier time with the prosecuting attorney, if a defense attorney knows the district attorney. Other crimes, such as robbery, murder, arson and forgery will be tough on the defendant, and a skillful lawyer will surely be needed.

More Areas of Legal Assistance

An attorney will be needed if a person suffers a personal injury and wants to file a lawsuit, as the attorney will be able to help the plaintiff be awarded damages. Some people may need an attorney for a divorce or legal separation issues, especially when there is a lot of money and property involved to be divided. A person may also need an attorney for other areas of family law, such as adoptions, paternity suits, and matters of child custody.

An Attorney for Legal Help in Ohio

No matter what the legal need is, a person in Ohio can find a lawyer or a law firm to provide help. Lopez Severt & Pratt Co LPA is a law firm in the Shelby County, Ohio area that helps clients with various legal needs. Anyone in need of a lawyer in Shelby County, OH can count on this law firm. Contact us for more information.

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