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Two Types of Defenses a DUI Lawyer in Lititz PA Might Use

Many innocent people are injured or even killed in the area each year by drunk drivers. Fortunately, recent averages have been trending down, thanks in part to vigorous enforcement of strict laws that prohibit driving while under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.

At the same time, this aggressive approach to policing and prosecution sometimes ensnares even responsible drivers who remain clearly within the limits established by the law. By getting in touch with a DUI Lawyer Lititz PA residents who find themselves in this common situation can be sure of improving their chances of a successful resolution.

Local Attorneys are Ready to Prove That DUI Charges Were Unjustified

Some DUI cases are so clear-cut that there will rightly be little chance of securing an acquittal. In many cases, however, the evidence in question or the nature of the arrest itself will be such that a reasonable person could easily see the accused as being innocent.

When working with a DUI Lawyer Lititz PA drivers always make it much more likely that they will be judged innocent or see the relevant charges dropped or reduced voluntarily. Some of the ways by which attorneys at local firms like the Law Offices of Melissa R. Montgomery are consistently able to support their clients include addressing issues like:

  • Subjectivity.
  • Many DUI arrests and court cases involve a fair amount of subjective judgment. The roadside sobriety tests that police officers are trained to carry out revolve around the personal assessments of those professionals. In quite a few cases, it will become clear under further examination that what appeared to be fairly firm, reliable conclusions were anything but. That can lead either to the dropping of a case by prosecutors or a verdict of innocence at trial.
  • Procedural.
  • Every citizen of the United States has inalienable rights with regard to the legal system and how it works. Procedural defenses that attack the cases prosecutors make on grounds like a lack of probable cause at the time of a stop regularly secure freedom for those facing DUI charges.

A Single Decision That Can Make a Lifelong Difference

Being convicted of DUI can be truly damaging, so avoiding that fate will always be preferable. In just about every case, those who retain the services of a local lawyer have the best odds of succeeding.

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