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Variety of Medical Malpractice Claims

The latest research has discovered that misdiagnosing a condition is included in the top kind of doctor error, and that the 5 most typically misdiagnosed conditions or diseases include tumors, infections, or masses in the body, blood clot in the lung, heart attack, as well as heart disease.

Misdiagnosis may arise with complication conditions because patients don’t always show the textbook symptoms. The results of misdiagnosis may be life-threatening or even deadly because the doctor has spent precious time treating the incorrect condition.

Gynecological/Obstetric Negligence

So much is able to go awry during a delivery and pregnancy that, even within the 21st century, medical negligence that affects both the mom and/or infant during childbirth and pregnancy still is an issue.

However, it’s important to state again that pregnancy is complicated and that, just because a delivery and/or pregnancy didn’t go as expected doesn’t automatically mean that an obstetrician committed malpractice.

Errors in Administering or Prescribing Prescription Drugs

Medical malpractice that relates to medicine is very common. Medication mistakes may result from administering the incorrect medicine or from administering too little medication or too much.

Surgical Mistakes

Mistakes by an anesthesiologist or surgeon during an operation aren’t unusual. The most typical surgical mistakes include failing to control bleeding, damaging a nerve, as well as leaving a foreign body (such as a medical sponge) inside an individual. Believe it or not however, surgeons also have performed the incorrect operation, occasionally on the wrong body part or sometimes entirely on the wrong patient. The most typical areas for surgical mistakes include the spine and the gastrointestinal tract.

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