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Four Things to do Before Contacting an Auto Accident Lawyer in Springfield

When you are involved in a car accident, it can be unnerving. It disrupts your life and can leave you wondering what to do. Maybe you’ve never called an attorney before, and you are not sure what to do. Here are four things you can do before making a call to an auto accident lawyer in Springfield.

Secure Witness Information

If it is possible, get contact information from any witnesses who may have seen the collision. In too many cases, if contact information is not obtained at the scene, there is no way to gather it later. In some cases, the police will list a witness on their report. It’s always a good idea to get names and numbers from witnesses.

Take Pictures of the Damages

If it is possible, take photos of the damage to your vehicle as well as any damages to you. Take a photo of your seatbelt welt, or any contusions you experienced. If you had possessions in the vehicle sustaining damages too, get images of those items as well.

Obtain the Police Report

If the police worked the accident, there is a police report. This can be obtained from the police department that worked the wreck. They may charge a small fee for obtaining it, but you will want to secure it for your records. An attorney will want to see the police report and the information they recorded about the incident.

Collect Essential Information

Be prepared when you call an auto accident lawyer in Springfield. The attorney can help you better, the more information you provide. Try to gather up all important papers like insurance information, police reports, photos, and the physical address of the wreck before making the call. You will also need all the information about doctors who treated your injuries or any clinics or hospitals treating you. You’ll also need relevant dates including the date of the collision.

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