Meet With An Attorney About Accident Law In Minneapolis MN When You’ve Been Injured

by | Jan 12, 2016 | Attorneys

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Accident Law Minneapolis MN involves personal injuries received due to the negligence of another individual or product. Injuries can be minimal such as a minor cut or bruise or could be as serious as broken bones, head trauma or the loss of a limb. Serious injuries that require immediate medical treatment or ongoing medical treatment can be compensated through the assistance of an attorney who deals with personal injury. This type of lawyer is highly trained in compassionate delivery of legal services and understands the difficulties an injury can place on someone’s life and finances.

Tractor trailer, auto, motorcycle, boating, and drunk driving accidents can be encompassed under Accident Law Minneapolis MN. These types of accidents usually result in very serious injuries and even death. Whenever someone is off work due to medical treatment from an accident, they’re usually not paid by their employer. Although an individual may be tempted to return to work against a doctor’s orders, an attorney can help them get the money they deserve to pay the bills they may not be able to afford while off work. When someone is suffering from serious injuries, they should never attempt to negotiate with an insurance company because they’re not thinking clearly.

An attorney can evaluate someone’s claim and negotiate with the insurance company on their behalf. Negotiation skills require legal skills that an injured person or unskilled attorney will not have. A knowledgeable attorney already knows all of the tactics an insurance company will attempt to use to settle the claim as quickly as possible. Tractor trailer accidents and drunk driving accidents require a great deal of investigation. Tractor trailer accidents could involve a lawsuit against the driver, the trucking company or the company who’s trailer the driver is hauling. Drunk driving accidents involve the driver and possibly the bar, restaurant or individual that served them an intoxicating amount of alcohol.

Rutzick Law Offices has the knowledge and skill to obtain the highest amount of compensation allowed by law for their clients. They are committed to securing the best possible settlement and outcome for an injured individual. They offer free consultations, so it will cost someone nothing to discuss their claim.

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