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Wrongful Death Attorneys Near Lake City Can Help a Family Receive a Fair Settlement

A wrongful death can result from an accident, crime, medical error, nursing home neglect, and many other situations. When someone commits a wrongful or negligent act and causes the death of another person, a civil lawsuit can be filed for damages. Family members of the deceased individual are allowed to file a wrongful death suit to seek monetary damages. This type of lawsuit provides compensation for relatives who relied on the deceased loved one for financial and emotional support. A wrongful death case happens when the negligent act was otherwise avoidable. Murder and wrongful death are not the same act. Murder is an intentional act which can rise to a civil claim, but it’s not considered a wrongful death.

A personal representative that is named in an estate or a will can file a wrongful death lawsuit. The heirs of the deceased individual can also file a lawsuit with the help of death attorneys near Lake City against a negligent party. After contacting a wrongful death attorney, they will evaluate the case and will represent the deceased individual on a contingency basis. No money will have to be allocated up front for financial support to prosecute the claim. If the attorney is successful, there will be fees taken from the settlement or court award. Placing a value on the claim can be difficult to determine, but the attorney will determine a fair settlement zone they’d ask a jury for.

Insurance companies often try to settle for as little as possible in a wrongful death claim. They’re aware that a family who relies on the deceased individual’s income could be a financial burden and will offer a very low amount to settle the case. Wrongful death attorneys near Lake City will fight the insurance company and take the case to court if a fair settlement isn’t offered. Surviving family members should never settle for less than they deserve when they’ve suffered such a horrific and unexpected loss of their loved one. If you or a family member needs more information about fair and experienced legal representation, please visit