Reviewing Steps with a Premise Liability Injury Law Attorney in Spokane, WA

by | Mar 6, 2017 | Attorneys

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In Washington, property owners are required to maintain their properties. They must follow all building code regulations as well as eliminate any potential hazards that are around the property’s exterior. These hazards could present visitors with unsafe conditions that could lead to an injury. The following are details that a premise liability injury law attorney in Spokane, WA will review with clients.

The Duty of the Property Owner

The property owner owes any visitors that enter their property or its exterior with a duty of care. The duty defines a responsibility to keep the property safe. They are responsible for ordering repairs when hazardous conditions exist. If they fail to provide a safe premise for their visitors, they are liable for any injuries that are produced.

Identifying the Failure

A failure is any condition that leads to the victim’s injuries. This could include faulty wiring, flooring, and trip hazards. They could also apply to animals that live on the property. The property owner must secure their pets to prevent an animal attack as well. If anyone sustains injuries due to non-compliance with the law, the property owner has failed to provide a duty of care to their visitors.

Defining the Severity of the Victim’s Injuries

The severity of the victim’s injuries could also define more responsibilities for the property owner. If these injuries are permanent or produce a disability, the property owner may be required to cover the victim’s losses. These losses could equate to lifetime earnings as well as extensive payments for regular medical treatment.

Filing the Claim for These Injuries

The attorney helps the victim file a legal claim against the property owner. These claims identify the victim’s injuries as well as the condition that caused them. They are the start to acquiring compensation for the victim.

In Washington, property owners must provide compensation for victims when they are liable for their injuries. These property owners follow federal building codes to maintain a safe property. If they fail to comply with these regulations, they could face penalties as well as legal claims. Victims who need a premise liability injury law attorney in Spokane WA can visit us here now.

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